segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

'All My Sons' by Arthur Miller

The fact being that American soldiers are time and again involved in overseas war scenarios, currently in the never-ending Iraqi war, 'All My Sons' depicts the once most dramatic environment of a post-WWII typical American family. It poignantly sets the Kellers battling between values of honesty and betrayal, the love for their dear ones and for their country - on the one hand - and the compromising ethics of easy money-making - on the other.
Joe and wife Helen grieving for their long-missing-at-war son Larry; Chris, the Keller's younger son, engaged to Ann, Larry's one-time fiancé, yet prevented from marrying her; George Deever, Joe Keller's scapegoat in a much devious business which would, eventually, lead him to jail. A business unlikely to be forgiven by a nation and its brave sons at war.
'All My Sons' will take you into an all-time story, real, moving, thrilling. One which will allow for no indifference!

Celeste Calejo

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